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Patek Philippe Replica Watches

Chronoswiss created a unique model to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Switzerland. Sirius Lion Heart is the name of the watch. The watch comes in a gold housing that displays the skillful work of many different traditional artistic disciplines. The dial is adorned with cloissone and guilloche sections that are hand-created. It features a lion, the Swiss flag and other details.Patek Philippe Replica Watches On the other hand, the rear of the red-gold case of the timepiece features a number of manually created details. The transparent back section reveals an intricately decorated and skeletonized manual-wound movement. The watch will be auctioned at a prestigious auction next month, organized by Antiquorum. All proceeds will be donated to charity.

Make-A-Wish, a well-known organization that grants terminally ill kids their wishes, is a popular one. The organization is active in many countries. However, the Swiss branch was only formed in 2008. The Swiss watchmaker, who had previously been involved in similar initiatives, recognized the importance of the work done by the organization. The auction of the Only Watch, which took place in the same year as the sale of this new piece, was probably the most notable.

Cloisonne enamel and Guilloche EmbellishmentsAs has been noted, the watch named Sirius Lion Heart displays traditional decorative techniques. The dial is a beautiful and refined feature on the face of this watch. The dial is made from a solid piece of 18 K gold. The dial's background is embellished by guilloched accents on some parts. Cloissone enamel was used to create the charming motifs such as a lion, the Swiss flag and other motifs. The metal is encircled around several smaller sections to create the desired scene. The metal that is used to surround these sections in this case is delicate gold wire bent by hand.Glashutte Replica Watches The chambers are then covered in several layers of enamel, which have been heated to create a colorful scene that uses light play as an artistic tool. The choice of a flag for a company with the name Chronoswiss is obvious, but the lion motif is not. The lion motif has two meanings. It has two meanings. The first is poetic, and it refers to the courage of the sick children. The motif also has a connection to the company, as the lion represents a statue near the watchmaker’s Lucerne facilities.

Turn the clock over to see more examples of hand-decorated filigree. The movement has been filigree-skeletonized with floral embellishments. It is decorated using an antique rose machine. The lever, escape wheel and flame-blued screws are also visible.

These decorations are based on ETA 6498 mechanical hand-wound movement with 17 gems. The caliber has a diameter of 16 1/2 lines (36.6mm) with a thickness of 4.5mm. The watch has a Glucydur balance and Nivarox balancespring, Incablock shock resistant protection, and fine adjustment. The movement runs at a frequency of 18,000 VPH and has a power reserve that lasts about 46 hours.

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